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June 21 2012


Ask dese plz :]



    • 1. Sexual orientation.
    • 2. What I’m really bad at.
    • 3. The one person whose arms I’d like to be in.
    • 4. My best first date.
    • 5. A description of my self-esteem.
    • 6. Who my best friends are.
    • 7. My favorite book.
    • 8. Biggest turn-offs.
    • 9. A description of my best friend.
    • 10. My favorite animal.
    • 11. Someone I miss.
    • 12. The reason behind my last breakup.
    • 13. What I did yesterday.
    • 14. What my greatest achievement is.
    • 15. A description of the person I dislike most.
    • 16. My 5 favorite songs right now.
    • 17. How my last kiss went down.
    • 18. What I find attractive in the preferred sex.
    • 19. All of the pets I’ve ever had.
    • 20. Favorite flavor of ice cream.
    • 21. The one place I want to be right now.
    • 22. The meanest thing anyone has ever said to me.
    • 23. Where I have lived before.
    • 24. I’ll love you if…
    • 25. What are my future plans?
    • 26. An internal conflict I have with myself.
    • 27. What I’m doing tomorrow.
    • 28. What I want to be when I get older.
    • 29. Most embarrassing moment.
    • 30. Two of my insecurities.
    • 31. What I would do if I won the lottery.
    • 32. A description of the boy or girl I like.
    • 33. What I love most about myself.
    • 34. My biggest pet peeves.
    • 35. What bands I’ve seen live.
    • 36. How many kids I want in the future.
    • 37. My idea of a perfect date.
    • 38. What I’m really good at.
    • 39. Most traumatic experience.
    • 40. Where I would like to live.
    • 41. The nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me.
    • 42. Do I like where I am now?
    • 43. My relationship with my sibling(s).
    • 44. All the pets I’ve ever had.
    • 45. What I can hear right now.
    • 46. My biggest worry currently.
    • 47. Something I’ve wished for repeatedly.
    • 48. My relationship with my parents.
    • 49. Something I should have said a long time ago.
    • 50. What my last text message says.
    • 51. What I hate most about myself.
    • 52. Biggest turn-ons.
    • 53. What words upset me the most.

    i will answer them

leedle me hard


Dear white queers





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How to win at everything.

Lawd, I dunno how y’all deal with white folks asking the same series of questions everyday.

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A friend of a friend’s brother went missing last night in the Chicago area. He still has not been found. His name is Kahil Gray; he is autistic and has trouble speaking. Please reblog, especially if you have Chicago followers. Here is an article describing him and where he was last seen. Contact Mikyle at the number in the picture with any information.

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CeCe got her first visitor today! Katie, who’s part of her support committee, went to St. Cloud to visit CeCe at the men’s prison she is being held in. She has been transferred to general population while the administration decides where to place her for the long term. CeCe was in high spirits, joking and hugging in her joyful way. That’s one good thing about prison, WE GET TO HUG HER AGAIN! A new list of things the community can send her will be posted on her website within the next day. Thanks so much for supporting CeCe everyone!

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Project Offspring was born out of a duel reaction of love and frustration. I am a fan of social media as are most of my friends and family. The reason I have so much passion for this project is because as much as I love the community involved in social media, I have yet to find a place that is truly there for everyone.

There seems to be an overwhelming amount of bigotry that is overlooked and often encouraged on some of these sites. The Offspring Project is hoping to change that.

Everyone needs and deserves a safe place to be creative, vent, have fun, meet new people and/or just relax after a hard day.

Before you decide to donate. please read the following posts about this project:

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Dear Naia:

I accept your hand in 5evr friendship. As long as it sometimes often always involves food and fuckery.

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I fixed my glasses.

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June 20 2012

Michael Jackson - Scream (by michaeljacksonVEVO)

lawd-knows replied to your post: Two huge scratches on my back, no idea where they…

thats actually how vampires take your blood in nigerian culture instead of bites. ive always had random scratches like that pop up around my body since childhood and i attributed it half jokingly to the haters my fam has…o_o


Two huge scratches on my back, no idea where they came from.

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man oh man, the 90s

Lol fitspo.

Ur doin it wrong.

Lol, Laci Green.

I’m honestly tired of white women being lauded as the beacons of body and sex posi education because Black and Brown women have been Been BEEN doing the same exact shit for so long.

Janelle Monáe - Tightrope [feat. Big Boi] (Video) (by janellemonae)

Signal Boost! QPOC ZineWhat


Hey! Could you spread the word about this? Thanks! Nearly There: A Queer POC ZineWhat: Nearly There is a zine project meant to address the serious absence and silencing of stories about the experiences of queer people of color. Deadline: 1 August 2012 Submit: stories, poetry, art, non-fiction (in any format), drawings, photos, portraits, essays, etc. Send inquiries/submissions to: nearlytherezine@gmail.com
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